Bankelok ( is the world’s chic home for exclusive and ethically made fashion jewelry and accessories brands. The company is the result of its founder's infinite passion for jewelry and accessories, different cultures and styles from around the world. We offer a worldwide collection of fashion jewelry, accessories, clutches and bags from high quality brands selected for their craftsmanship, cultural content and high quality of the materials used in the uniquely produced pieces. 

Bankelok is committed to creating a curated destination where you can shop for the most stylish, innovative, and unique jewelry and accessories ethically made from across the globe. Every piece embodies a bit of its country of origin, culture, and a distinctive design. Bankelok offers, at reasonable price, aesthetically tantalizing pieces of art you expect in a meaningful adornment. We thrive to bring you exclusive quality designs and the best the world has to offer. We are dedicated in creating a space where you can get inspired and discover exceptional international ethical brands that are committed with high quality craftsmanship. 

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